You want to drop the negative self talk and people pleasing

You want relationships that flow and feel supportive

You want to wake up looking forward to your day

You want to be able to respond instead of react to challenges

You want simple steps and support to finally create a life you love


It’s time to stop settling and start living

Start Your Transformation Today!

Create inner peace and gratitude, joyful relationships, and get rid of your negative self chatter

shift the Stories that aren't working for you

Identify #1 barrier that is holidng you back

Implement Positive Habits that stick

Overcome Negativity Bias we are all born with

Feel less stressed and resentful

And Much More...

I am an international best-selling author, speaker, and a purpose and potentiality coach. I have been interviewed across the world, appearing on podcasts, live shows, radio shows, and various workshops regarding simple and effective methods for overcoming limiting beliefs.

I lead by example by personally overcoming my own sabotaging patterns and limiting beliefs to create a life of abundance. In my Ignite Happiness book, I describe my journey through darkness caused by limiting beliefs and patterns to the life I live now.

Using research-based positive psychology, emotional intelligence, habit stacking and a touch of quantum physics (the woo), my programs easily create transformation for you.

Below Are Some Quick and Easy Steps

Are You Looking For A Positive Tribe?

If not today then when?  Tomorrow? Next week? Next Year?

I will help you walk through this time in your life and get to the life you love, the life you want, the life you deserve.


I am a master educator, speaker, author, and self-proclaimed positive change agent. I have a passion for helping WOMEN feel and be successful, having the life they love. I want to help you get unstuck from the thinking that has you where you don't want to be.

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