Change your thinking change your life was made famous by Brian Tracey but there have been many philosophers before that have told us the same thing. Now we have plenty of neuroscience and positive psychology that proves this is true and it isn’t about positive affirmations or visualizing. In order to understand what Brian Tracey means you need to understand a little bit about how your subconscious and conscious mind works.

Subconscious Mind, Create the Life You Want

Your subconscious mind is processing 11 million bits of information per second while your conscious mind is only aware of about 50 bits.  There has been so much research done that shows the subconscious mind sees it all, intakes it all, and acts on our behalf with barely any input from our conscious mind.  Now add to that our brain is also wired to keep us safe.  Safe means familiar so new things can be seen as unsafe.  Then add to that our brain has created beliefs about almost everything in life before the age of 8.

Every thought can create a chemical response in our body as well which goes to the entire body.  So what you are thinking whether you are aware of it or not is significant to your body and external world.

Put that all together with the fact that scientists now believe 45 to 95% percent of what we are saying, thinking and doing fall into the category of a habit.  This would explain why changing your thinking can change your life.  Unless you pause and become aware of your 50,000 to 80,000 thoughts per day you are unaware of what if flitting through your mind and what you are acting upon.

Conscious Mind

Our conscious mind isn’t in control it’s barely affecting anything.  Which is why you have to become very aware of what your programming is.  What were the messages you picked up as a child about finances, relationships, purpose, love, health, even how you view yourself?  If you are wondering all you have to do is look at those areas and that is exactly what you believe, even if your conscious mind the one that is only present a fraction says something different or wants something different.

So why should you try and think positively?  How does that help?  It only helps if you are consistent and aware.  Meaning, choose an area, relationship, finance, health whatever, and become very aware of what you think and say in that area. Deliberately change it even if it feels awkward.  Eventually, it will feel “real”  I had a similar experience.  I went from an educator to an executive director. Each time someone asked me what I did I felt like I was an imposter. Eventually, it became my identity and felt exactly like who I was.

Positive versus Negative Thinking

I want you to try something to show you how powerful our words are even if we use a negative word like don’t, no, stop. Don’t eat that, don’t say negative things, don’t hurt yourself.

Don’t think of red grasshoppers.

What happened? Were you trying not to think of red grasshoppers?  In other words, your brain is not registering the negative first instead it is trying to override it.
The other day my partner said be careful don’t trip over the plug to the car.  Almost daily I walk over the plug. I even said, thank you for mentioning that but I walk over this daily.  Guess what?  I tripped over the cable BECAUSE that is what my subconscious mind heard.

So how do you program your subconscious mind to act out what you want? How do you change your thinking and change your life?

Be Specific to Change Your Thinking and Change Your Life

What does that mean? The more you know exactly what you want with all of your senses the more your subconscious has a blueprint to go by and create solutions.
So, if you find yourself aware that you are thinking something like, “I don’t want to ask for help or support,” ask yourself, “what would I be doing instead?” You might answer “I will breathe easier, feel relaxed,  make eye contact, have a clear voice, and feel okay with asking for help.  The more specific you can be the better.

Your Subconscious is Goal Oriented

Your subconscious brain needs directions to achieve whatever it is you want.  If it doesn’t know where it is going it will wander.  So first decide where it is you want to go, then second is aware of what you are thinking and saying about that goal.  Use your subconscious mind to move you toward what you want and move you away from what you don’t want.

Ask yourself do I have a goal for x, y, z?

Am I aware of what I say and think about x, y, z?

Say what you want not what you have.

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