If you are like me you have heard and read so many things on “letting go”.  I thought I had received and embodied the message as well, and quite frankly was accomplished at it.  Then something happened that really struck home.  We unexpectedly lost a bright young man.  He was so loved that for over two hours people spoke at his memorial.  He was such a dichotomy, nerdy smart, and a jock that set records.  Immature and the most mature person in the right settings.  Silly, serious, driven, carefree, competitive, giving, and on and on.  He could be described as the full human experience wrapped into one person.

He had some disagreements with family members that hadn’t been resolved.  Nothing big, family stuff that comes up, little, not really important.  He had planned a surprise trip to see these people an in-person apology or let’s make this right.  He never got to do it.

I know I am guilty of this and I think we can all probably agree that sometimes we hold onto negative feelings longer than we should.

We do this because we feel like there is tomorrow to work it out or it’s a pattern and we know that in a certain amount of time it will ‘blow over’.  What if that opportunity never happened?  Would it be worth it to hold onto that annoyance, fear, resentment, anger, insert any negative emotion?  Or would you be letting go and instantly feel love and gratitude for that person?

Some thoughts to ponder on letting go

  1. The world is under no obligation to be fair, celebrate when you can and cry when you need too.
  2. Accept your perception might not be the reality and if this were your last interaction with this person would you be grateful?
  3. Sometimes things just happen and there is no conclusion or dots you can connect to make sense. Love fiercely.
  4. Experiences are only stories we create and live in. Don’t try and extract some sort of lesson, truth, or whatever, sometimes it just is.
  5. Winning, accomplishing, having, whatever you want to call it is meaningless compared to your relationships.  Choose people and connection.

I am certainly more aware of those negative interactions and I am choosing to let go of things that don’t matter and choosing connection.