Welcome!  I believe positivity is not just something you either have or don’t have, it’s a skill that anyone can learn to cultivate.  You might be thinking yea, but you don’t know or you don’t get it.

I want you to know I get you!

I have been a positive person my entire life even when hard things were happening and hard things happened.  

Then I wasn’t, I mean it was a dark time, very dark.

BUT I knew there was a different way of being because I had been that way up until then AND life responded with blessing after blessing. 

So KNOWing it can be different I started reading/researching because there was no way I was staying in that place. What I discovered is that there are skills and habits that can be learned. 

I used to be doing them then I had stopped because of life circumstances. 

Now I get to be that guide for people teaching them how to shift their mindset and I “KNOW “ without a doubt it can be different.