I believe you can have the relationships you want, the job that feels like it gives you a purpose in life, the ability to not feel anxious and stressed and most importantly the resilience to face any challenges that come along.

Let’s Focus on


Creating a new story

Joyful and easy relationships

Emotional Mastery

Transformation that lasts

Finding and using your purpose

Here is the advantage that I had, that some people don’t. I knew there was a different way of being because I had been that way up until then AND life responded with blessing after blessing. I had that job that gave me meaning, I had a relationship that felt easy, I had adventure, and flow. I literally used to say to myself, “I am so happy.”

So KNOWing it can be different I started reading/researching, taking courses, interviewing experts in the field of positive psychology and neuroscience. I wanted to understand what had happened and I wanted to get unstuck and get back to the flow of life that is so full of ease and joy. I was not going to be a victim any longer and I was going to change my future.

What I discovered is some amazing and literally transformational facts on how our brains work. Our brain is literally a piece of technology that controls our lives and WE DON”T EVEN KNOW IT.

It now made sense as to why my life had gone from joyful and easy to painful, so painful I wanted out. It was very clear what had happened and even when it had started. The shift from having a life of joy and ease to stress, disconnection and pain.

I want to share this wisdom with you. Something that should be common knowledge, something we should be teaching to our children. Something that will empower you from the inside out. You get to be empowered, you get to have the life you love.

Now I get to be that guide for women supporting them in transforming their lives to the life they love. I do this through using my own life experiences, my training as a master educator, and my knowledge of positive psychology and neuroscience to help YOU get unstuck.


I am a master educator, speaker, author, and transformation facilitator.  I have a passion for helping impact-driven WOMEN elevate their feelings and thoughts so that they can create the life they love. 

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