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Changing your thinking takes time.  Just like developing an exercise routine. You need to know what you are doing and do it until it becomes a habit.

I’ve made making this habit easier.

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Here are some tools to get you started.

Seemingly simple things done each day add up over time and create a difference.  These exercises are simple, easy and backed by research.  

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Morning Routine

Setting the tone for the day is important. This template gets you started off right!

Positivity Expansion

This guides you in different ways each day to expand your positivity

Habits of Positivity

6 researched and easy ways to boost your positivity.


Positivity Checklist

Keep yourself on track don’t leave success up to maybe, someday, I might.  Life is now.


Challenging Negativity

We often have beliefs we formed as children.  An event happened, our child’s mind decided on meaning and attached emotions.

The Empowerment Triangle

Are you in the dreaded drama triangle where life is happening to you or the Empowerment Triangle?