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Go from where you are to THRIVING! 

Learn what the Cancer personnality is and how to avoid it!

Self care that heals!

I brought together over 21 experts in positivite psychology, neuroscience and health to support YOU!

In these 24 interviews, they reveal cutting-edge research from the fields of psychology, neuroscience, and medicine, as well as what they do in their own lives to create success.

You get to learn how our mindset has a huge impact on our emotional, mental and physical health and how you can make sure yours giving you the life you want

You learn how to overcome natural tendencies, by making minor changes in your mindset that will improve the quality of your life.  So that you can have the life you love.


With UNLIMITED ACCESS, you can watch these interviews over and over. It’s like having the experts supporting you as you create new habits, and gain insights that deliver maximum results, faster. 

These experts charge $200 to $500 a session and you get their expertise for ONLY $97! 

1. Unlimited video access to all interviews

2. Unlimited audio access to all interviews

3. Downloadable Transcripts

With unlimited access you can watch these powerful and actionable sessions more in-depth, any time, anywhere.   


  • Easy to use strategies for more positive relationships
  • Learn how to celebrate strengths and create better connections
  • 1 easy to step to get out of anger and into compassion
  • How to choose a partner that is emotionally available


  • Learn what to do when you feel stressed an anxious
  • Go from the fear wheel to the freedom wheel
  • Learn how to win the what if game
  • Learn how to face challenges with a new mindset so that you create a positive outcome


  • Learn how to cultivate a positive connection with your body
  • Learn how to change your relationship with food through changing your stories
  • Learn the 7 types of rest we can use during the day and how easy they are


  • Learn easy tools to work through childhood trauma 
  • Learn about the negativity bias and how to beat it
  • Learn easy exercises to shift to calm and ease
  • Easy to use tools to manage emotions so that you can choose your reaction


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I am a master educator, speaker, author, and self-proclaimed positive change agent. I have a passion for helping WOMEN feel and be successful, having the life they love. I want to help you get unstuck from the thinking that has you where you don't want to be.

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