Does this sound familiar? 

I feel stressed and overwhelmed

I wonder how I ended up here

I feel stuck in my job or career

My relationships aren’t working

I wish I could handle challenges differently

Did you know you have the power to

REVOLUTIONIZE your mind and activate the life you want

I know because I did it and so can you!

I want you to stop feeling stuck, frustrated, confused, overwhelmed and start feeling empowered!

in your relationships, job, and life

with how life has ended up

about what to do to create change

by life's challenges and feeling hopeless

It's time to get your POWER back and have the life you love!

Feel Positive and Calm

Unlock Your Best Life

Create Better Relationships

Choose you and set boundaries

Handle Stress Successfully

Choose Your Response Instead of Reacting

Live the Life You Love the One You are Meant to Have!

That’s why I am excited to invite you to

Power Up Your Life

 Power Up is 16 modules of Transformation that will support you in getting unstuck and being who you were meant to be through a life-altering journey.

What you get:

4 months of TRANSFORMATION that include:

Weekly Q/A zoom sessions every month so that you get the accountability you need. Valued at $300.

Daily powerful and to the point transformational videos, filled with aha moments that start you on your journey to a lasting change. Valued at $500

Step by step Grab and Grow exercises to easily guide you through your transformation to the life you love. Valued at $500

Community support through discussion for each module, including direct support from me. Valued at $500

Total Value $1800




Because you are worth it having a life you love!  I believe in you
and your transformation!

Life is now, do it!

What We Cover:

Month 1

Move towards the life you want and gain clarity on what has kept you stuck

Month 2

Transform the relationship with yourself and others by discovering strengths 

Month 3

Choose your reactions when you face challenges instead of creating more problems

Month 4

Stick to your new way of being and the life you want


Because you deserve to choose you!  Because I want you to have the life you deserve and the be who you really are!  Be supported and feel loved! 

Right now you may be thinking…

Will this even work?
I have tried stuff like this before…
Can I afford it?
Do I believe I can do it?

Through becoming aware of my beliefs and that we all have them I was able to shift the way I viewed the world.  Now I am no longer feeling like a victim and that things are happening to me.  I feel empowered and have seen a big change in my outer world with my relationships and my job!

Holly C.

Wow, I had no idea how my thought patterns were creating a cycle.  Once I figured out what they were it was easy to change them and I was able to change the cycle of my relationships. 

Tamra A.

It is amazing that we aren't taught this stuff in school. I could have saved years of living a life that was not what I wanted had I known this stuff earlier.  It's never too late!

Paul G.

Trust Your Gut Step Through Fear and Change Your Life

If you prefer a payment plan you can start today for only $499


I am a master educator, speaker, author, and self-proclaimed positive change agent. I have a passion for helping WOMEN feel and be successful, having the life they love. I want to help you get unstuck from the thinking that has you where you don't want to be.

Join the Positive Revolution!