Science has been making some revolutionary discoveries in the quantum physics realm, psychology, genetic expression, neuro cardiology, and on and on.  One radical discovery was that our heart has a magnetic field similar to the earth’s magnetic field, and it’s 5000 times great than the brain’s.  this field envelops the entire body and extends out in all directions.  Scientists can measure the heart’s magnetic field from several feet away from the body using an electrocardiogram and they get a different reading when the emotions are different.  Some research conducted at IHM suggests that the heart’s field is an important carrier of information. Studies are also indicating that the more a person is synchronized between their heart and brain the more sensitive they are to the electromagnetic signals communication

The effects of the heart’s magnetic field

Several studies have shown that the heart’s magnetic field can effect animals and people around it.  One of the first times scientists realized that people can affect the earth’s magnetic field was during 911.  The satellites began to register a change in the Earth’s field because of the collective trauma being felt by the world. There are now sensors that are up on sites where you can watch the fields change every day and groups like the Global Coherence that are working to create a vibration of love.

Emotions and the heart

Thanks to the field of neuro cardiology we have learned the heart has 40,000 neurons, the ability to process, learn and remember.  It literally has its own emotions.   A growing body of research is suggesting that the heart sends signals to the brain that influence perception, cognition, and emotional processing.  Research done at the Institute of HeartMath shows that a person’s emotional state is also communicated through the heart’s electromagnetic field.  Through their experiments, they have been able to measure “heart energy” being exchanged for up to five feet.

How can we increase our heart’s magnetic field and coherence?

So how do we step into the power of the heart and increase our heart’s electromagnetic frequency and coherence between the heart and brain?

We have to start managing our minds, the ego, the subconscious part of us that reacts.  We can override and rewire the brain through practices that have been shown to increase heart energy.

  1. Genuine gratitude
  2. Heart-Centered meditation
    1. Sit comfortably
    2. breath deep and relax
    3. drop into a feeling of love (think of a person or pet to create feeling)
    4. Let the feeling grow and expand
  3. Laughter
  4. Soothing Music
  5. Hugging heart to heart for 11 seconds

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