Your beliefs about yourself create your reality

Your brain is created to filter out unimportant information otherwise too much would be coming in and you would be overwhelmed.  Your beliefs are the filters your brain uses to organize all of the information flooding in. This means your brain either notices or doesn’t notice things in the world based on your “filters/beliefs”.  Your reality, not what is actually happening, is created by your beliefs, whether it is true or not.

Which means you will either perceive or not perceive opportunities.  You will perceive or not perceive certain things in a relationship.  You will perceive or not perceive how worthy you are.

This can affect:

1. Your relationships
2. Your health
3. Your positivity
4. Your definition of what is possible or not possible
5. Your perception of what is really happening

As long as your beliefs go unchallenged and are subconscious they will continue to shape your perceptions and therefore your reality.

Where do your beliefs come from?

They originate from your family, community, culture, time period, traumatic events, etc. Basically, before the age of about eight, your brain was mostly in the theta brain length. This means not only were you in a state of imagination, you were also in a state of “open brain” where things could be downloaded straight into the subconscious mind.

Here are some common examples of beliefs that hold you back.

1. I want more money, but it is selfish to want it/ it is hard to get/ I am not good with money

2. I want to start my own business, but it is too risky/ too hard/ too expensive/ No one will want what I am selling

3. I want to have an amazing relationship, but I’m afraid to be hurt again/ there’s no good men/women out there/ I am too old

Because many beliefs are so subconscious you might not be aware of what you believe about your identity.  To uncover what you believe, listen to what you say after the words I am.

I am broke
I am always late
I am not good with technology
I am not good in social settings

Or maybe you are saying

I am flexible
I am a traveler
I am a dancer
I am a problem solver

What you are saying is your beliefs and your mind and body are listening and they are causing your reality.

So what can you do about it?

Actually, there is a lot you can do!

First, decide what you want no matter how impossible it seems.  You will probably get a tight feeling somewhere in your body thinking about it.  That’s called resistance, ignore it.

Second, figure out what your limiting beliefs are.  LISTEN to what you say about your partner, your relationship, your job, finances, what you really want to be doing.  Better yet, write out what your dream life would look like.  Then start listening to what you are saying about those areas.

Third, write out your new way of speaking and speak it often while eliminating how you used to speak.  Your brain is listening to you and so is your body.

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